7 Guide For Days to Die

Hi Gamers

You are certain that the world will one day have to undergo a zombie invasion? Would you like to be the hero of The Walking Dead? 7 days to die is for you


Everything begins just after the third world war, the world is partially in ruins and a mysterious infection turns the survivors into zombies. You wake up in the middle of Navezgane County, in underwear and with just a little water, food and some medicine on you (yes, it’s a pocket briefs). Your first concern will be to find grass and bits of wood to make a rudimentary hatchet, which will serve you as a tool and weapon. You notice that your knowledge in craft – since it is indeed a game of survival / crafting – is quite limited. Equip yourself with a bow and arrows to keep the zombies at bay before crossing the map in search of civilization … or what remains of it

Hello Madam…

Quickly you see a woman in red dress in the distance, the person advances in a rather haggard way and seems to wander aimlessly. Two choices open to you: run towards it, dredge it, it seems drunk so it is in the pocket or then approach with a wolf’s step, bow in hand.

Quickly – or after your resurrection – you will understand that the second option is the right one since in fact you have just crossed your first zombie. Once on the ground, riddled with arrows in the skull – because yes, it does more damage – you search the body to see if it carries nothing interesting. The ultimate being nurses who sometimes carry antibiotics, allowing you to heal yourself when you are infected with the virus.

7 days to die

It is a blue house

Or not, but hey, it’s a house all the same so we will do with … Penetrate by breaking the door or a window and then search everything. Hopefully there will be water, food and even a gun. Beware however, the latter makes a lot of noise and will attract the zombies around.

Generally, if the house pleases you and seems solid, install your first bivouac. Personally on the Navezgame map, we often choose Stayphan and I – we almost always play 2 or at least multi – for the basement of the corn farm, almost in the center of the map. In a random part to 4 one is at the moment in a small barn insecure, but close to our spawn point. Aware that this is only temporary!