sword with sauce


Sword With Sauce is a super cool first person stealth combat game in which you use a razor sharp samurai sword and variety of nifty gadgets to slice your way through a small army of enemies who are patrolling a house.

Sword With Sauce may be a fast paced first person shooter/slasher, but it actually feels a lot like Hitman, with you able to use your large selection of gadgets and weaponry to assassinate your targets in any way you like as you sneak your way around the house. Your main weapon it a wonderfully lethal samurai sword which can be used to slice enemies and parry attacks, or can even thrown at enemies from distance. You also have a selection of other badass weapons and gadgetry though, from guided ninja throwing stars to a toxic gas, all of which are a joy to mess around with as you go on your murderous rampage. You can even pick up and use slain enemies guns – but beware, they’re noisy and will cause nearby enemies to come running!

Unfortunately Sword With Sauce is no longer in development, so unless the dev ever plans to come back to it (please do!!), then the prototype level is all there will ever be of this unique, blood-filled stealthy samurai slasher. It’s a real shame, as although it has a few rough edges, it shows a lot of promise with it’s fast, flowing combat, sandbox-style level design and the nice selection of cool weaponry to inflict pain on your enemy. A very promising prototype well worth slicing into.