We Need to Go Deeper is what Jules Verne would play

We Need To Go Deeper

Welcome to We Need To Go Deeper beginner’s Guide , We Need To Go Deeper is a cooperative game that plays a lot like faster than light! In We Need To Go Deeper, a crew of 4 pilots a submarine to the depths of the ocean. Explore different biomes and find gold to buy new items!
Stumpt plays We Need To Go Deeper! A co-op submarine game, where everyone controls different stations, and has to

I once fell into a trench and broke my leg. I’ve never trusted them since then, even if the main cause of my embarrassing tumble and broken limb was copious amounts of cheap vodka. I might have to break with tradition, though, because Jules Verne-inspired nautical roguelike We Need to Go Deeper’s underwater trench, The Living Infinite, sounds like just the sort of place I’d like to visit.

Gosh, I think I love it already. The 19th Century style cartoons, evocative of Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python art and Klei’s Don’t Starve, is very much my cup of tea. And despite the torrent of roguelikes over the last couple of years, I’m far, far away from having my fill of them. 

There are twists, too. Co-op is an especially tempting prospect, with chums needing to maintain their sub, defending themselves against lecherous squids, and go deeper into the ominous trench. 

Of course, the trench itself is randomly generated, and there’s an AI Dungeon Master tinkering away, making the game difficulty reactive. Lovely stuff. 

Deli Interactive decided to build the game around co-op; after all, one person is going to struggle to maintain a submarine. But there’s been some demand for a single-player mode, so the dev is looking into it, but makes no promises. 

Its due out around autumn/winter this year, and you can take a peek at it on Steam Greenlight.